Seaside Revisited

By Sam Zalutsky, Spalding Low-Residency MFA Dramatic Arts Faculty


In spring 2016, I directed my second feature film, Seaside, in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, and along the Oregon Coast. Seaside, a micro budget revenge thriller, is a project I’ve been working on since 2011. (Yes, movies take a LONG time!) Continue reading “Seaside Revisited”


Calling all #AWP2018 attendees: You’re invited to the Spalding MFA off-site event!

By Katy Yocom, Associate Director
Master of Fine Arts in Writing, Spalding Universityblindtiger

Heading to Tampa for AWP*? You are cordially invited to a Spalding MFA shindig! Continue reading “Calling all #AWP2018 attendees: You’re invited to the Spalding MFA off-site event!”

Music and the Quickening of Story

By Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Spalding Low-Residency MFA Faculty (Writing for Children & Young Adults)

Susan 2015

Recently, I was sitting with a group of women writers, and the conversation turned to music concerts.

“What was the first concert you went to?” asked one of the women. Around the table, various artists and band names were tossed out and the women oohed and ahhed: Aerosmith. Guns ‘N Roses. Bruce Springsteen. Even some oldies: the Beach Boys. Neil Diamond. James Taylor. Joni Mitchell. Carole King.

My first concert? Continue reading “Music and the Quickening of Story”

Missing Susan Sontag

By Robin Lippincott, Spalding Low-Residency MFA Faculty (Fiction)
Scan 132

Circa Late ’70s





The first time I ever saw or heard of her was on The Dick Cavett Show in the latter half of the 1970s. I was still living in Central Florida at the time, still living, in fact, with my parents. If you had said the word “intellectual” to me then I would have immediately conjured the image of a boring, old, straight, white man. But then suddenly there she was, Susan Sontag. Continue reading “Missing Susan Sontag”

Meet our new associate program director

By Lynnell Edwards, Associate Director, Spalding Low-Residency MFA

Lynnell Edwards






Happy New Year and thank God the temperature is finally above freezing in Louisville! Kathleen suggested I use this forum as a follow up to her announcement last week of my appointment as Associate Program Director and so what follows is an attempt to say something of interest and relevance about my life as a writer going forward in this new role. Continue reading “Meet our new associate program director”